Mailbox Extractor

Mailbox Extractor

Features & Facilities

    • Email list extractor
    • IMAP Support
    • Filters
    • Export as CSV file
    • Live Extract
    • Schedule Extract


Mailbox Extractor is a web application helps you to extract and collect your email addresses from your email inbox. Most of the email marketers need this application. They are searching for this type of service so that they can easily dump their email list. There is some free software in the market but those are limited to use. Mailbox extractor is an application comes with unbound feature. A user is free to extract an unlimited email list of him. Let's see the basic feature of this application -


You can extract your list campaign wise. So that it would be organized list for you.


You can extract your email list from your email inbox. You can add multiple emails under a campaign. Then if you activate emails then you could extract email from this email list page.

IMAP Support 

Our system supports IMAP so that if any email will extract then it will be moved to the EXTRACTED folder in your mailbox.


You can add filters to the application. If you add those to your application, the application will ignore filtered matched emails to extract.

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Category CodeIgniter
First release November 05, 2019
Last update November 20, 2019
Files included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software version CodeIgniter 3.x
Script version 1.0.0
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Sajjad Hossain
Hi, I'm Sajjad Hossain, a PHP Developer working on PHP Development since 2012. If you have a project that you want to start you can contact me. I'm currently available for freelance work. Ping me on Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype.

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