is there an autosave function/plugin for notepad++?

After an unplanned system restart, all of my Notepad++ temp (and unsaved) tabs are gone.

How can I avoid this in future? I don't want to have to save explicitly every single temp file with a file name.

Is there a plugin for NP++, which saves my session every time I'm editing an active tab or every X minutes?

Or is there an equivalent (and comfortable) editor to NP++, which autostores it's session automatically?

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There is plugin available. As on date two autosave plugins available.

To download it click on plugin in the menu. Select Plugin Manager from it. It will pop-up window with the list of plugins.

1) Autosave by Franco-stellari - This autosaves files. Option available to configure timing after autosave or autosave when npp looses focus.

2) Autosave2 by - This autosaves files by creating copy of the file. This is useful in case if you retain previous saves, in case for incremental development.

Select any one of the two autosave plugin available. and click on Install.

You can find a Notepad++ plugin called AutoSave for autosaving your files here:

It autosaves every minute, but it's configurable, and allows you to choose to save only the current document or all open documents.

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