how to call function inside a function with setTimeout

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I am trying to call a function with setTimeout() inside another function and I keep getting this error:

hi is not defined

This is the code.

hello("hi"); function hello(a) { hi(a); function hi(b) { console.log(b); c = setTimeout('hi("' + b + '")', 50) } } 

One "hi" is being logged, but then it just stops. I believe problem is in this part: c = setTimeout('hi("' + b + '")', 50)

Is there a fix without changing function inside function structure?

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c = setTimeout( () => hi(b), 50 ) should work.

Edit (thanks to @evolutionxbox in the comments)

c = setTimeout( hi, 50, b ) looks even better.

You're getting this error :

hi is not defined

at line 4 : hi(a)

The execution is not even making it to the timeout part. The timeout itself won't produce an error, but won't do anything either, because 'hi("' + b + '")' is a string, not a function.

You can pass arguments to function as third argument to setTimeout.

hello("hi"); function hello(a) { hi(a); function hi(b) { console.log(b); c = setTimeout(hi, 50,b) } }

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