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In this article, I am going to discuss SoundCloud Downloader. Are you searching for PHP SoundCloud mp3 downloader script? Yes this post for you, In this post, I am going to describe How to SoundCloud mp3 downloader online in PHP. You can download SoundCloud audios using PHP. We already know that SoundCloud is most popular music sharing website over the world. Most of popular artist and singers upload their music in SoundCloud. Even any user can share their audio on SoundCloud. By this way SoundCloud got popularity and it's most popular music sharing website. SoundCloud allows listening music from their website they also allow embed music their website but they don't allow download music from their website. So most of the webmaster creates web applications for download music from SoundCloud. Today my article to create a web-based application PHP SoundCloud mp3 downloader. SoundCloud Doesn't allow download from their website but they allow developers to access various features, they allow developers to integrate them in SoundCloud Developers Platform. Yes, there is a trick to download SoundCloud mp3 contents when you use their API.

SoundCloud Downloader

How to Create SoundCloud API

Start creating SoundCloud Downloader web application we should access their API first. So, we are going to create an API. Go to SoundCloud Developer Platform go  create a SoundCloud account and log in there. Then click Your Apps link then you will get access SoundCloud Developer Dashboard. If you have created any SoundCloud application before then you will get the list of your application. If you haven't created any application yet then you will get an option Register a new application for a new SoundCloud application. Click there you will see app registration page. Give your app name and click Yes, I have read and accepted the Developer Policies check box then click Register button. Then you will get a new page with Client ID & Client Secret and some input boxes. Input boxes with appropriate information and click Save App button. Your app is now ready.
SoundCloud Application

Now you can able to get SoundCloud track information

Information result will display in JSON format


extract http_mp3_128_url mp3 format from here.

SoundCloud Search & Downloader PHP Script

I have added a script with this article. You can easiy create your own application by this. you need to create another API for use this application fully. Create a API from  and get an API. Open config.php file form the script and change SoundCloud API and Lastfm API and your default directory then run this script in your server.
$soundcloud_api = 'YOUR_SOUNDCLOUD_CLIENT_ID';
$lastfm_api = 'YOUR_LASTFM_CLIENT_ID';
$dir = '/mp3/';

If everything will fine then you can search and download SoundClound tracks. If you have any question or comment about this PHP SoundCloud mp3 Downloader article please don't hesitate to do that, please comment your question in comment section.

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