PHP Introduction

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Let's know what is server side language? Scripting is a synonym a program, It's some instruction when it runs it work automatically. Server-side means these scripts control from the server not from the user computer and server handle it. When a user visits a PHP web page then the server will process contents like pictures, texts etc. Then it converts into HTML  and executes in a web browser.

What is PHP?
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language which is using for web development. The main purpose of PHP makes a website faster, easy and dynamic.

What is a basic requirement starting PHP?
You should learn the first HTML mostly HTML Form. If you know C, it will be easy for you.

What type of software need to start PHP?
For a website, you need a hosting which supports PHP. For learning the purpose, we can make our computer as a server.

Server Softwares
1. A PHP compatible web server like Apache, Nginx is most popular.
2. Need PHP  [Download IT]
3. MySQL  Database if we have any project with the database.

Client Softwares
1. A web browser Chrome or Mozilla etc.
2. A text editor like notepad++. You can use most Specialized software for php. It's NetBeans. NetBeans is free and best editor (IDE) for PHP programming language.
3. All file extension in .php ex- index.php, login.php, profile.php etc.

Some Other Information
All platform supports PHP like windows, Linux, mac etc. At first in the year of 1994 PHP starts. Zend create PHP and manage it. In starting its name was Personal Home Page: PHP

PHP is most using web development programming language. All type of website can make using PHP programming. Blog, e-commerce, web app, enterprise etc. Many top websites of the world are using PHP like google, facebook, twitter, stack overflow. PHP is easy to use so it is the best for web programming.

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