Strom Email Autoresponder Review

Strom Email Autoresponder is an email automation software helps you to automate your business emails and make your business easier. This Email autoresponder help you to capture your customers and leads and manage them automatically. This software helps you to conversations with customers and leads automatically and increase your sales. Strom Email Autoresponder will save a lot of time and increase your productivity and sales. This email autoresponder software is badly needed for CPA Marketers to increase their sales and capture leads. Strom Email Autoresponder able to connect all type of email service provider and can capture emails from email servers and process them and send response messages to your leads and send follow-up messages also. Isn't it cool?

We are using third party email autoresponders like GetReponseAWeber etc. Those are good but limited and costs so high. Imagine if you have an email autoresponder just like them? Yes, we offer you to make your own email autoresponder server that's will reduce costs and give you unlimited email facility. Let me tell you all feature about Strom Email Autoresponder.


You can set up unlimited campaigns and setup from sender email and to sender email from your campaigns. You can also limit sending per minutes from campaign setup box. You can also make them active or inactive. You can set up campaigns for different users you if want. It's unlimited and no limits for it.

Imports Leads

After creating a campaign you can import your emails list which campaign you want. You can import unlimited email list using text, CSV file. You have to set up email subject then.

Bulk Email Validator

You are getting one of the most interesting feature. This helps to validate your email list and give you a result your email list valid or not. This tool is so high and monthly payable tool and we are giving you this for free in our Email Autoresponder Software. Bulk Email Validator helps you to clean your email list and you will get this feature active when your import your email list from campaign list. This will ask you two options one is importing list without validating and another one is validated list. If you select validate email list then you have to wait until the validation process completed. You must have to port 25 open in your server otherwise email validation won't happen. After validating you can import your email list to the campaign.

Export Leads

You can export leads from your campaign and save them as CSV file and store them to your computer. You can download your leads from any campaign.

SMTP Server

If you are an email marketer or CPA marketer you maybe heard about SMTP. SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol this is an internet standard for email transmission. This will process and send emails with validity. You can set up unlimited SMTP servers and set up them campaign-wise. Those will help you send your email successfully.

POP Emails/ IMAP Emails

POP means Post Office Protocol and IMAP means Internet Mail Access Protocol. Those both are using to retrieve emails from an email server using application. You can set up unlimited pop emails into your email autoresponder server and pop email retrieve emails from the email server and serve them responses and follow-up messages. POP or IMAP emails can be anything like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Webmail etc. Our software can retrieve emails from your desire email server.


You can set up email filters and email filter help you ignore block or filtered emails or senders and skip inboxing them to your server. By using this filter you can skip robots, newsletter, no replay, and many other senders. You can set up filters for an individual campaign or all of your campaigns this is depends on you.

Response Messages

You can set up response messages campaign-wise. You can set up SMTP for each response and this will reduce spam inboxing. You can set up a lot of shortcode with your email body. You can set up multiple messages in a single box with message rotation and you can set word rotation also. You will get all type of shortcode into response message set up form. You can set up delay minutes how many time after your response will be sent. You can also attach images with your response message you can also send offers of product URL with your response messages.

Follow up Message

Follow up message set up is similar to response message setup and follow up will be sent automatically if your desire customer does not reply to your emails. You can set up follow up emails as you want. It can be a lot or can be a small amount.

Pending Response

When a lead will be inbox in POP then pending emails will be set automatically according to response message setuped before from response message tab. You can see which response in a queue and will be sent.

Pending Follow up

Pending follow up is same as pending response and the difference between pending response and pending follow up is in delay time. It's almost similar. If all response will be sent that means full conversation will complete with the client or lead then pending follow up will be turned off this lead.


From this tab, you are able to update your company information.


You can create multiple users from the user tab. Let me finish, you can create the user with user privilege. If you a service provider or if you have staffs to moderate the software then you can create another user for him/her.

Privileges & Permissions

You can set up privilege and permissions from this tab which user can do what you can set up them from here. Isn't it awesome? I think it is.

You can set up as you want.


You can clear logs and old data from this tab and this will light your database.

These are the basic feature of Strom Email Autoresponder software we have more features which can't describe in this article you will invent them when you are going to use that. This software helps you from multiple sides and it can be a great tool for you and your business. If you are thinking about the email automation system then this is perfect for you. You can Buy Strom Email Autoresponder for the lifetime at low cost. If you want to buy this you can buy it by Clicking Here

Let's begin smart marketing and smart business. You deserve this facility and this will be helpful for you, don't be late start using our Strom Email Autoresponder today.

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